Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring!

It seems I unintentionally unleashed Second Winter full throttle here in Alberta with my last blog post.  Oops!  

And so this is my view out back on the first day of Spring.  Lovely, isn't it?  With the wind blowing and snow falling outside, one would think it the middle of January, not the end of March!  The forecast calls for that white, fluffy stuff off and on for the next week.  I think I'll have to wait on that snowman until things calm down a little!  There will certainly be plenty of snow to spare.  And to think, we were just praising the sunny skies and warm temperatures yesterday.  (Seriously, 45-50 F is t-shirt weather this time of year.) 
How do we cope with this sudden turn of events?  (Besides eating chicken noodle soup and drinking ginger mint tea with honey and lemon to ward off The Sickness)  Crochet, computer games, movie nights, LEGO, and playing in the fort that Mr. M built, of course! 

Next on the agenda?  Pillow fight!

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