Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brassy Buttons

Finish That Thought #36 (Judge's Comments)
Prompt: [Her] stop was still several blocks away, but [she] stepped off the train anyway, just beating the closing doors.
Special Challenge: Include at least one fantasy creature (chimera, leprechaun, talking animal, etc)

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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Her stop was still several blocks away, but she stepped off the train anyway, just beating the closing doors. She wasn’t sure why she felt the need to get off. Perhaps it was the thick air of colognes, or the constant wheezing of the woman beside her. Or she mistook “McNeely Street” for “Harley Street” on the loudspeaker. It was all of them together, she decided, and nothing to do with the wobble in her four-inch heels or her fuzzy vision.

She had just shaken out her umbrella to catch the falling raindrops when a flash of green darted through her peripherals. Glancing up, the young woman surveyed the shop windows. She teetered over to the jeweler’s display case and peered inside. Jewels of every caliber littered the velvet cushions, but the green had vanished. The only sight was her smudged mascara and droopy red lips. Raising her umbrella over her frizzing, blonde curls, she continued wobbling down the sidewalk.

“Was I drinking last night?” she mumbled to herself. Wrenching a hankie free from her breast pocket, she wiped the moisture from her forehead trying to remember. Last night was a blur, all a blur. There was a knock on her door and then a whoosh. Had there been a light? Her temples throbbed, assuring her there had been. Next thing she knew, she had overslept and was late for work.

There it was again! The green flash whistled at her. She blinked. It was a little man in a green tuxedo with a four-leaf shamrock tucked into his green top hat.

“Lassie! Come ‘ere a moment.” He waved her over. She looked over her shoulder, didn’t see anyone else, and obediently followed him into the alley.

“I believe ye have somethin’ o’ mine,” he continued.

“Something of yours?” she echoed.

“Ye didn’t get a package last night? Nor a message to meet me here?” the little gentleman puffed in surprise.

“I did...that is...I think I did,” her voice quivered in confusion. “I’m not’s all such a blur...”

Before she could say another word, the leprechaun yanked the briefcase from her trembling fingers and pried it open. Amidst the papers, folders, and booklets scattered inside was a black velvet bag. When he touched it, it gaped open to reveal gold.

“Ah,” his eyes gleamed “Thank ye for yer coop’ration. And now...” He fumbled around in his tunic and pulled out a strange looking box. “Look inside it, lass.” She did.

Suddenly the ground opened and swallowed her. She didn’t have time to think, or notice him still holding her briefcase. Down, down, down, she fell...

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm pulled her out of a deep sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned and looked about the room. Everything seemed so normal, the dream almost forgotten, but her briefcase was missing. Instead there was a bag. Crawling out of bed, she tiptoed over and opened it. Sparkles flew out, momentarily spelling THANK YOU before vanishing, leaving four flakes of gold.

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