Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Commemorating Second Winter

Well, it looks like winter is still here!  After a very sunny week that left the dry river basins of our sidewalks raging rivers, snow dusted the earth again last night.  It was delightful waking up with a fresh layer of powdered sugar over the muddy slush of the past few days.  To commemorate this "second winter", here are a few of my favourite shots from this past winter wonderland.

Nov: Ice stalactites, frosted bicycle, and gray skies

Dec: Snowed in up to our thighs!

Dec: Whipped cream waves lapping the house

Feb: Snowflake ornaments on a snowy, sunny walk

Now excuse me, I have a snowman to build!


  1. sooo muchhh snowww!! how pretty! I've never seen this much snow!

    1. Neither had I! This is my third winter here and is definitely the coldest and snowiest one yet. It's quite a change from Florida (where I grew up) and Virginia (where I went to school)!