Thursday, November 7, 2013

Truth or Dare

Finish That Thought #18 (Judge's Comments)
Prompt: I cared what [she] thought, so when [she] dared me, I knew I was in trouble.  
Special Challenge: Use the word "discombobulated" and include an imaginary friend. 

Note: It did not do very well as the judge was slightly confused with how it played out.  She did, however, suggest that I include Josh earlier in the story to help sort things out.  Since I am at a loss, I am opening this up for all ya'll!  How would you introduce Josh? ^^

I cared what he thought, so when he dared me, I knew I was in trouble.  

“C’mon, Lacey, it’s just a dare.  You going to do it or not?” Tricia goaded while folding her arms over her chest.  

I slowed my swing to a halt and glanced shyly at Isaac, the most popular boy in school.  He gave me a smug little smirk as the rest of the class tittered behind him.

“All I have to do is tell my crush that I like him?” my voice squeaked.  Immediately I flushed and looked down at my sneakers.

“In front of everyone,” Isaac amended, grinning at Tricia.  My palms started sweating so I tightened my grip on the chains.  I knew they wanted me to admit to having a crush on Isaac so they could tease me for the rest of the year.  Every girl in class had a crush on him.  And why not?  He was as handsome as 11-year-old boys come with his athletic build, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, and dimples.  

“Everyone?” I asked breathlessly.  “And then I can sit at your table at lunch?”

“And then you can sit at our table at lunch,” Tricia mimicked in a high-pitched voice.  Again, everyone snickered.  All of this attention was making me discombobulated.  Regaining my equilibrium on the wooden seat, I timidly brought my gaze to Isaac’s mocking eyes.

“I’ll do it.”

The shock that plastered itself on his face was worth the embarrassment I was about to endure.  Taking a deep breath, I turned to the empty swing beside me as my face prickled with heat.

"Josh, I have a crush on you."

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