Monday, June 23, 2014

A Kitten by Any Other Name....

Mr. M and I have a new housemate, and by the title of the post you can probably tell who it is.  Little Itty is approximately 8 weeks old and full of energy!  Any writing apart from flash fiction might get overlooked over the next few days/weeks as I adjust to full-time mothering this little attention-demanding squeaker.  [You just have to step out of the room for a second and she'll cry and whine as if she's been abandoned for months]

A social butterfly, snuggler, trouble-maker, and lover of plastic springs and music, this little bundle of meowing still has no name.  Mr. M and I have thought of a few but can't decide!  What do you think we should name her?

  • A] Venice {Vinny}
  • B] Maggie
  • C] Pipsqueak {Pippy}
  • D] Narcissa
  • E] Sonnet
  • F] {Insert name here}


  1. I like Sonnet, but then I'm an old romantic! I'd end up calling her Nettie if I chose that one... And...she's sooooo cute! xxx

    1. Sonnet is one of my favourites too... she certainly sings one for us every night!