Tuesday, April 22, 2014

House Camping

I've been a little inconsistent in participating in any writing, but for a very good reason.  We've moved!  Last Tuesday a truck came, loaded up all our things, and took off for Ontario.  We followed the next day.  It took three days to drive out here from Alberta, but we made it.  The moving truck gets here Friday so until then, we're house camping.  It's like being newlyweds all over again with no furniture, no money, and learning how to cook with what I have available.  Thankfully there's a Timmy's a block away and so here I am sitting in a corner with my hot chicken wrap, a fresh doughnut, and internet.

Our bed is currently our camping mats and sleeping bags.  We visited the ReStore here in town and purchased a decent looking sofa and chair set for our living room so we have something to sit on.

The set we found at the ReStore
Our "fridge"!
Mr. M managed to squeeze the water cooler into our vehicle so we have a bit of refrigerator space for milk, cheese, and other necessary trifles.  My stove is a single burner camping stove we have stored in the Mud Room.  Mr. M has to get the double burner working before I can use it.

Cooking supper

Mr. M getting the double burners working

Our neighbours have been exceptionally kind in introducing themselves and offering brooms, vacuums, cups of sugar, and any other service you can think of while we wait for our furniture and other things to arrive.  The houses across the street are all small duplexes, so we technically have four neighbours across the street and one on each side.  It seems a very friendly neighbourhood and I can't wait to explore it!

Lovely flowers our kind neighbours brought us


  1. Your 'stove' looks like the one I had in Cameroon. ;)
    Sounds like a nice neighborhood. And what lovely flowers! I'm glad to hear your move's going smoothly. Happy unpacking when the movers get there!

  2. Aww the living room is gorgeous! I think your fridge is imaginary. Love you! Your neighbors sound very lovely, glade God has nice people around you both.