Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sacred Cavern: Part Two

Finish That Thought #31 (Judge's Comments)
Prompt: Fingers trembling, [s]he slowly unrolled the ancient document.
Special Challenge: Include a sentence in a foreign (not English) language

My friend MurMade and I wrote about our characters Jamison and Courtney from a Role-Play we're doing together about a cranky researcher and his ever-helpful assistant who are bent on uncovering an ancient secret civilization, the Rinald.  This is my take on Jamison's findings in the sacred cavern.  Her take on Courtney's is here.

Fingers trembling, he slowly unrolled the ancient document. Its edges had worn thin with time, the inked characters almost fading before his eyes as the lantern light exposed their hidden message for the first time in centuries. Black dots crowded his vision and his temples throbbed. ‘Breathe,’ he had to remind himself. Slowly the throbbing ebbed away and he continued unfurling the cracked papyrus.

“What did you find?” the ever-present secretary inquired from behind his shoulder. Jamison threw a glare at her before returning his attention to peeling open the document. Thankfully, Courtney could take a hint. She stepped back a pace and turned her attention to a rack of scrolls along the chamber wall, the lantern light just barely illuminating the leathery rolls.

His whole life’s work had been dedicated to this moment. The seminars, the books, the dusty articles on forgotten library shelves, interview upon interview with archeologists, researching countless fairy tales of legends that held more truth than anyone could have guessed--- all of it had been to prove that this ancient technological civilization existed. This ancient paper found wedged into the Book of Knowledge would solve it all.

Brows furrowed, Jamison bent doubled-over the gilded stand that the ancient novel rested upon, his 6’7” height much of a nuisance in this tiny cavern. The language of the scroll was all but dead in this day and age, but not impossible to decipher for the Rinald expert. Tracing the characters in a caress with his long fingertip, he struggled to translate the first sentence.

“Οκτώ κιλά ψάρια και δύο μπούσελ πατατών,” he read slowly. He blinked.

“Need a translation for that?” Courtney quipped from her side of the room. Jamison glanced at her, then down at the papyrus, then back at her again in bafflement. He regained his composure into its natural sulk.

Immediately, her curiosity peaked and she hurried over. “Well, what does it say?” she asked breathlessly.

“It’s the answer,” he said sarcastically after a dramatic pause.
“The answer to what?”
“THE answer. To life, the universe, everything!”

Courtney’s cheeks glowed with excitement. “Really? Is it really? Well tell me, what does it say?!?!”

Jamison thrust the paper in her face, his features contorting into a deep scowl. “Eight pounds of fish and two bushels of potatoes. Some low-life Rinald scribe was using a receipt as a bookmark.”


  1. hahhhaahaa the end made me giggle!!! I hope you write a book one day!

    1. I'm actually working on one with a couple friends!