Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Overheard at Timmy's

Whenever Mr. M has something work related to do in the city, I regularly tag along for the hour +/- ride to make a date of it.  Whether he's taking a class, doing an interview, or sitting in a meeting, I usually find myself spending a good portion of my time sipping tea and working on a crochet or writing project at a corner table in a nearby Tim Hortons (it's a fast food coffee shop that's extremely popular here in Canada).

I also like listening in on conversations around me, because you never know what hilarious thing someone will say next!  Sometimes I just have to write a quote down.  Below are a few of my favourites from the past couple of trips to Timmy's.


Two older men sipping their double-doubles by the window.
"I recently heard a story about a comedian.  Wait, was it a comedian?  Oh right, it was Obama."

Junior High/High School tutoring session. Both females.
"OMG, you're so stupid.  Your only hope is memorizing the answers for the test and then copying mine."

Balding man in his early 50's with a large coffee in front of him.  It's roughly 10 AM.
"I don't really like coffee.  I only drink it if I have to...[more talking with his buddy, who has a small coffee]... This morning I tried a Starbucks latte.  It was really good."

A frazzled young woman in line.
"I told him, 'It's Momma to you!' and he just grinned at me and said, 'Oh Nanna, you're so funny.'"


  1. haha, I wonder if he knows a latte is a coffee? :P

    such funny overheard conversations!

    1. My absolute favourite was the last one. I'm pretty good about keeping my composure in public, but that one almost had me spitting out my tea!